CSI*** Sint-Katelijne-Waver

With our association "Groentenjumping", we have plenty of wonderful organizations behind the back, on national, regional and international level. Each time our entire team gives the best of ourselves. For several years we also started with the Club "Groentenjumping", giving lessons to kids out of the neighborhood, and we can be rightly proud. Our group is great!

Together we want to present you "Groentenjumping" 2016! To keep the tradition, we organize again during the Easter weekend, from 25 to 28 March 2016 for the national riders. The regional riders will be jumping from 18 to 20 March 2016. That weekend we keep it all a bit quieter, because many students will still shackled to their books. Our festive "Groentenjumping"-weekend we will have during Easter.

Our show will as always be open for young and old, professional and amateur, pony and horse. A meeting place where everyone is welcome, with beautiful sport in the ring, and fun entertainment next to the ring.

The competitions take place in perfect conditions, on the land and in collaboration with Ceulemans stables, well-known in the equestrian sport. 

Latest news

Wedstrijdstop tot 11 april 21; wegens rhino problematiek in Europa.

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Het Gouden Laars weekend van 28-29 maart, Vor weekend van 3 tot 5 april wordt geannuleerd.Hopen dat Paasweekend wel kan.

Op 18 december, Jump in Style for Life! Welkom vanaf ontbijt voor Clinics, jumping, Masters!

Toppers hebben hun medewerking beloofd, bij de Masters o.a. Daniel Deusser! RTV komt voor een reportage tussen 10 en 12u